Art Shows


At Citrus, located inside Hotel Valencia, 150 East Houston, San Antonio, TX 78205

Now and through Summer 2016

SilencingArtist Statement: The descendant of Armenian refugees to Syria, I grew up in a place where the idea of privacy did not exist, where families lived so closely that to get to one home you’d have to go through another.  The sense of community was strong, the whole community having the feel of something transplanted from one place to the other.  Then, as an adult, I transplanted myself to Armenia and finally to the United States.  I became fascinated with the idea of migration, of a people leaving a place and creating a new life from nothing. My art is the luggage that I’ve carried from one place to the next, with pockets full of the memories and the influences of the cultures I was born of and into.  My architectural pieces are inspired by my childhood walking through quarters of buildings constructed on top of each other, Escher-like.  The sculptures, ornaments and mosaics of the ancient ruins of my city inspire my figurative pieces, as do the calligraphic designs of the two alphabets I was raised on.  I have always felt that I was a part of something more greatly inclusive, even while being on the outside—as immigrant, as artist.  I have always felt embraced by my history, the one thing you can never let go of, even while you find yourself moving ahead geographically and temporally.  I always feel the pull of what I have left behind, of what my ancestors and I have built upon and in my indebtedness, I shift that weight into my art.


Bio:  Kevork Mourad was born in 1970 in Kamechli, a town in the upper reaches of Syria. Of Armenian origin, he received his MFA from the Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts in Armenia, and he now lives and works in New York. With his technique of spontaneous painting, where he shares the stage with musicians—a collaboration in which art and music develop in counterpoint to each other—he has worked with many world class musicians. He is a member, as a visual artist, of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble. He has performed at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Chelsea Museum of Art, The Bronx Museum of Art, the Rhode Island School of Design, the Chess Festival of Mexico City, The Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art in Yerevan, Le Festival du Monde Arabe in Montreal, the Stillwater Festival, the Nara Museum in Japan, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Rubin Museum of Art, Harvard University, Lincoln Center Atrium, the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Central Park’s Summerstage with the Silk Road Ensemble and Bobby McFerrin.

Louis Vega Trevino – NORTHERN LIGHTS

At MBAW Art Gallery, 23705 Interstate 10 Frontage Rd, #101, San Antonio, TX 78257

June 18 -August 12


louisLouis Vega Trevino’s painting reflects a deep understanding of historical precedents.  Without any derivative step, he has built upon a number of important, painterly languages to evolve a style that is instantly recognizable as uniquely his own.  Trevino’s painting recalls not only the atmospheric color fields of Mark Rothko and Julies Olitski, but also that indeterminate margin where color field interests merge with the geometric and optical abstraction of Gene Davis and Richard Anuszkiewicz.  It is in that margin that Trevino’s work finds its form, an area once explored by Morris Louis and which Trevino’s color-charged compositions have revived and redefined.

Trevino’s painting is something of a paradox:  balancing cool analysis with a hot pursuit of color relationships in which he blurs the distinction between color, line and form such that those elements seem to merge and deconstruct in an astonishing blend of earthy umbers, orchids and sienna’s deployed against jewel-like hues that are only primary in relation to one another.  Trevino’s daring approach to color relations breaks new ground in the history of colorists, a tradition in which he is rapidly establishing a secure and intriguing position.

Mark Cheikhet – FUSION OF THE ARTS

At Elite Homes, 18503 Sigma Road, Suite 200,  San Antonio, TX 78258

June 1 – August 31

Artist: Mark Cheikhet is a Russian violinist and visual artist. Cheikhet earned his master’s and doctoral degrees in violin performance from the Moscow Conservatory. He has performed extensively in the U.S., Europe and Russia as a soloist with symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles. He is bridging the world of classical music tradition and avant-garde art with constantly shifting modes that elevate the listener and viewer to new levels of artistic experience.

MarkChekheitA dynamic and compelling performer with “golden sound” in traditional works, he is a fervent champion of 20th and 21st century composers with repertoires ranging from Bach and Beethoven to John Corigliano and Giovanni Sollima. The boutique concerts alongside his own art exhibitions take a special place in Cheikhet’s heart as they create a unique means to express his visions of the world.


At Patrick Heath Public Library, 451 N Main St #100, Boerne, TX 78006 

June 1 – August 15


Artist: My journey into underwater photography was first fueled by my desire to share the awe inspiring sights of our undersea world to non-diving friends and other divers. This evolved into a continuing quest to learn and explore underwater photography and is my greatest passion as I travel and dive around the world. I get to see many wonderful things in our underwater world along with a vast array of unique and varied sea creatures. In my travels I explore pristine reef systems with many varieties of beautiful hard and soft corals. I truly enjoy the sport of scuba diving, teaching scuba diving, and being underwater. There are still many places I want to see and photograph. Through my photography I try to capture the beauty of life underwater so people develop a higher concern for how we use and protect the seas of our Colorful World.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.38.20 AMBio: Jim currently resides in San Antonio Texas where he started his diving adventure in 1997. In 2008 he retired to follow his passion of scuba diving and underwater photography. Over the years he continued to expand his diving skills and certifications, becoming an instructor so he can introduce and teach people to safely experience our unique underwater world. Jim also teaches underwater photography to certified scuba divers. As an avid diver, traveller, and photographer he seeks new places to experience. Jim uses his photography to capture images to share with fellow divers and those curious about our planet underwater.


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