Corral, MOSAS and FineTunerz – a perfect cocktail of art and music

A question for the artist:                                                                                                                               If you only had 3 words to describe your work at this moment in time, what would they be?

Artpace-03073wordsWebartist’s portrait: Adriana Corral. Image ©Julya Jara

“My installations, performances, and sculptures embody universal themes of loss, injustice, concealment, and memory. The title of the installation, Sous Rature ‘Under Erasure’  (Artpacesignifies the absence of presence and the presence of absence.” (A. Corral)

AdrianaCorral-03038bw-wAdriana Corral and her installation Sous Rature ‘Under Erasure’Image ©Julya Jara

Adriana, being the inquisitive author that she is, continued her artistic search after the installation has been officially introduced to the public. When she shared some of her thoughts with Suhail Arastu (MBAW’s Director of Development & Marketing),  the idea was born to collaborate with the musicians of the San Antonio symphony (MOSAS) and their special series called Symphony Lounge.

Artpace-03086wSarah Silver, Assistant Concertmaster and the First Violin of The San Antonio Symphony will perform at the FineTunerz event on April the 26th, 2016. Image ©Julya Jara

“The idea to bring a sound component into the installation is to activate and trigger other senses in the body.  The musicians and I share a similarity in that the instruments and the installation are activated by the movement of the body and have an ephemeral quality.  Music and art have the ability to unite the past and the present while transforming emotions, evoking memories, and allowing one to think critically.  For many of us we respond to sound. Sound is human and it is universal.” (A. Corral)

Artpace-03094wThis classical instrument juxtaposed with the modern quality of the installation space produced the sound that was truly mesmerizing when Sarah tested her violin. Image ©Julya Jara

For this exclusive FineTunerz event Sarah Silver will be joined by Eric Thomas Gratz, Concertmaster and the First Violin of The San Antonio Symphony.

Where: Artpace445 N Main Ave, San Antonio, TX 78205
When: Tuesday, April 26, 2016.                                                                                                Reception: 5.30pm, Artist Talk: 6:15pm,  Symphony Lounge: 6:30pm


text: Julya Jara



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